Loads of Power, Loads of experience...

The Lab.gruppen Repair Centre

Ampman Audio Services(AAS) are the total Lab.gruppen service provider with full technical, marketing and sales knowledge of all Lab.gruppen products and their derivatives since they were imported into the UK in 1992. We have details of updates and modifications to all the products listed below.

Our operation is Certified by Lab.gruppen as the Authorized Lab.gruppen Service Centre for the United Kingdom and Ireland, which means we undertake warranty repairs. Our "Loads of power" philosophy remains the same and the certification is a ringing endorsement of our approach to professional product maintenance.  We take our certification seriously!

Do you have any of the following amplifiers?

Lab Gruppen        Martin Audio         L'Acoustic         Tannoy

Lab 300                 MA 4.2                     LA 48                  TA 1400

Lab 500                 MA 4.2s                   LA 48a               TA 1000

Lab 1000               MA 2.8                     LA 24                  TA 600

Lab 1200               MA 2.8s                   LA 24a

Lab 1200C            MA 1.6                     LA 15

SS 1300                 MA 1.6s                  LA 15a

Lab 1300               MA 1.3                     LA 17

Lab 1500               MA 1.3s                   LA 17a

Lab 1600               MA 1400

Lab 2000               MA 900

Lab 2000C            MA 200Q

Lab 2002               MA 6.8Q

Lab 4000               MA 4.8Q

fP 2200

fP 2400Q

fP 2600

fP 3400

fP 6400

iP 450

iP 900

iP 1150Q

iP 1350

iP 2100

The above represents two generations of Lab.gruppen amplifiers that were imported into the UK since December 1992. Some of these products are no longer in production and getting them serviced caused some confusion in the past....until now. Power amplifiers such as those listed above do not need to be scrapped or sold cheap because they've gone faulty.

Our certification also allows us to provide the same level of care and service to the latest generation of products listed below.

C- series

CX series

FP+ series


PLM Series

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