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Read this page to help ascertain the warranty status of your Lab.gruppen product. Please contact us if you're still unsure.

The Lab.gruppen product range has been successfully distributed by 4 companies in the UK:-

Network PAD- 11/1992 to 7/1994
Autograph Sales- 7/1994 to 2/2002
Sennheiser UK- 2/2002 to 3/2007
Audioforce/Paxt- 4/2007 to 6/2009

Products are currently distributed directly from Lab.gruppen. Please call 0808 101-7674 for further details.

Warranty has caused confusion in the past because the different distributors offered what they thought were the best warranties at the time.

Network PAD :-
3 years on amplifiers, 1 year on control electronics(92-94).

Autograph Sales:-
3 years on amplifiers, 1 year on control electronics (94-98)
5 years on amplifiers when registered (98-99)
5 years on amplifiers (99-2002)

Sennheiser UK
5 years on all Lab Gruppen products (2002 - February 2007).

New platform products currently being shipped have a six year global warranty according to this:-
C-Series. These were first imported into the UK in December 2005 and carry a warranty of 6 years.
FP+ Series. These were first imported into the UK in November 2006 and carry a warranty of 6 years.

Current points concerning warranty:-

  • From March 2007 all New platform amplifiers (FP+/C-Series/PLM) sold in the UK have a 6 year Warranty.
  • Amplifiers sold before March 2007 carry a 3 year warranty as do all new products bar PLM, C-Series & FP+.

It is very important that if you are claiming warranty proof of purchase must be provided.
We will not repair any item under warranty if :-
  1. The product is subjected to repair work or alteration by a person other than those authorized by Lab.gruppen.
  2. Mechanical damage including shipping accidents, war, civil insurrection, misuse, abuse, operation with incorrect AC voltage, incorrect connections, wrong accessories, incorrect use of accessories, operation with faulty associated equipment, exposure to inclement weather conditions and normal wear and tear.
  3. Units on which the serial number has been removed or defaced.

When we do repair an amplifier under warranty we will :-

  1. Endeavor to turn the repair around in 10 working days, Parts permitting.
  2. Keep you informed as to how the repair is progressing
  3. Pay for return shipping (UK mainland only).